Makeup Tips to Keep You Looking Great

Good makeup tips can help you look great throughout the day. The following makeup advice provides a good “foundation” for beauty basics.

Apply Moisturizer First
Your skin needs to have plenty of moisture before you begin to apply makeup.  Moisturizers also prepare your face as a smooth canvas for your foundation. If your skin is dry, foundation will emphasize lines and problem areas.

Use Lip Stain
When you use lipstick or lip gloss, you may find that it comes off too quickly.  By using a lip stain, you will have natural-looking all day coverage.  You can save time and money with a good lip stain product.

Less is More
Natural beauty is always better than heavy makeup — unless you’re on the stage.  Less is more, and better for your skin. Try an organic concealer for blemishes and imperfections, and cover with a light powder to achieve an even skin tone. 

Eye Shadow for Eyeliner
This is a great solution for “raccoon eyes”…when halfway through the day, your eyeliner is smeared under your eyes. Save money and get a better look by switching from a pencil to using eyeshadow as your eyeliner.  You simply need to purchase a thin makeup brush and mix one drop of water in the shadow. Using the brush, apply your shadow as usual. It stays all day without smearing and provides a superior look.

Use Light Blush
To get a healthy glow, you should use a natural colored blush that complements the undertones of your skin. Apply cheek color sparingly from the edge of your cheekbone to your temple and blend with a large soft brush.

These makeup tips will help you look great on-the-go!

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