Managing Acne Through Diet and Exercise

The right diet and exercise plan can help minimize acne. Before you reach for those harsh acne treatments that dry out the skin, seek a well-balanced body and your skin will (eventually) follow. You can achieve clearer skin and a more beautiful appearance naturally if you go about it in a natural, healthy fashion.

Proper Diet

The right foods and beverages can minimize acne. Eat plenty of organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and try to buy lean hormone-free proteins (no burgers!). Drink 8-10 glass per day of filtered water – easy if you keep a 1-liter bottle of water on your desk each day at work, and sip from it when ever you feel thirsty. Avoid or limit your intake of soda, caffeine, saturated fat, trans fat, and sugar; as well as artificial and chemical-laden products. The avoidance of these problematic foods will limit the triggers of acne while the intake of good water will flush existing toxins from your body.

Regular Exercise

According to WebMD, “…perhaps the most dramatic effects of exercise are on acne-prone skin. Doctors say working out provides many benefits that can help clear the skin. How? Exercise mediates the production of testosterone-related hormones such as DHEA and DHT.”

“There’s a lot of indirect evidence that shows that when you exercise your level of stress diminishes. So your adrenal glands are producing less of these male-type hormones that are part of any acne flare-up,” says David Berman, MD, medical director and dermatological/cosmetic surgeon at the Berman Skin Institute, Palo Alto, Calif., and former chief of dermatology at Santa Clara County Hospital. “Yoga is a great exercise for banishing acne because it relieves stress through sweat. After any exercise regime, or at least twice a week, treat yourself to a steam bath. Steam gently opens pores enabling you to cleanse with a gentle, natural cleanser to wash away bacteria and other acne-causing impurities in the skin.”

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