Perfect Tips for Hydrated Skin in Winter

Skincare is an important part of the daily routine for everyone.  Maintaining your skin is not only about your cosmetic appearance, but it can actually help improve overall health.  Your skin is your body’s first layer of defense, and when you have a great skincare regimen, it can be effective in keeping out germs and infections, which often start in the skin.  Today, we offer some tips on keeping your skin hydrated throughout the cold autumn and winter season.


Drink more than you think you need.
Hydration of the body is an essential part of skincare and hydration.  While a few glasses of water might be enough for you when you are inside most of the summer, you need extra water or sports drinks to keep your body hydrated when it is subjected to cold, drying air.  Avoid coffee and soda or drink an added glass of water for each carbonated or caffeinated beverage.


Use moisturizer after every shower.

When you take a hot shower, it can feel great on your body.  Unfortunately, it also dries out your skin.  Using a good quality moisturizer after every shower can help keep your skin hydrated, as this will lock in the water.  Choosing organic skincare products offers even more benefits by eliminating alcohols and fragrances that can contribute to dryness.


Use lip balm.
When you get chapped lips, it is certainly easy to remember that you need to use lip balm, but the key to proper autumn skincare is to use it before chapping or dryness occurs.  You lose significant moisture through your lips in winter months, and balm can help keep your lips hydrated. 


Moisturize your nose if you get a cold.

If you have a cold, put a little lip balm on your finger and apply all over the end of your nose before it starts to get red and sore from blowing.  This will keep the tissues hydrated and flexible.  If done regularly, this will help prevent that unattractive peeling and cracking of the skin caused by constant nose-blowing.


With these simple skincare tips, staying hydrated and healthy can be easier than ever this autumn.

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