Popular Medicare Plans for Seniors

Medicare is a health insurance program which is available for people who are 65 or older, for young people who have some disability, and for those with end-stage renal disease. Different types of Medicare plans cover specific areas. Some of the best Medicare plans for seniors are listed here.

Viva Medicare Advantage Plus

This Medicare plan is offered by Viva Medicare and includes Medicare Advantage and Part D coverage for seniors in the state of Alabama. Under this plan, the costs of services given by hospitals are covered. Services offered by doctors, lab tests, and some preventive screenings are also covered in this plan.

Scan Health Plan

The Scan Health Plan offers Medicare Advantage and Part D coverage in the state of California. This healthcare cover not only includes costs of services given by hospitals but also for services offered by doctors, lab tests, some preventive screenings, and prescription drug cost.

Aetna Medicare plans

Aetna Medicare also offers different Medicare plans for seniors and has an association with different Medicaid programs. Different prescription drugs are covered in plans offered by Aetna Medicare.

Popular Medicare plans providers

  • Different private players’ offers Medicare plans for seniors throughout different states of United States. These Medicare plans cover the cost of prescription drugs, hospital expenses, and post-hospital stay expenses.
  • If you want to avail these plans in Colorado, you can enroll in for the same from Rocky Mountain Health Plans or Kaiser Permanente. Seniors who want to avail Medicare Plans in the state of Florida have a range of choices and can avail these either from Healthsun Health Plans Inc, Capital Health Plan, or Careplus Health Plans.
  • Illinois offers these plans through Senior Preferred and Medical Associates Health Plan Inc.

How to begin with Medicare Plans

There are only certain time and situations in which you can enroll in Medicare plans. Some people are in a situation where they get Medicare plans automatically, while others have to apply. It is in such a scenario that you should look for top 5 Medicare plans and apply to them. You can always cover significant Medicare part cost if you choose your Medicare plans carefully.

If you enroll for Humana Medicare part d plans or Aetna Medicare plans, you will get cover for a significant proportion of your prescription cost.

When you enroll in Medicare plans for the first time, it is known as initial enrollment period. This is a seven-month enrollment period and usually starts 3 months before you turn 65 years; it also includes the month when you turn 65 and ends 3 months after you turn 65.

However, if for some reason you do not enroll in Medicare plans when you turn 65, you will have to pay Part B late enrollment penalty.

However, when you decide to enroll in Medicare plans it is better to check the Medicare premiums beforehand as these have changed significantly during the last quarter.

Choosing the coverage

When you decide that part A or Medicare Part B or maybe a supplementary plan such as Medicare Plan F is required, two main ways can be undertaken to choose the appropriate coverage. This is either is original coverage or Medicare Advantage plan. Some people choose to avail an additional coverage in the form of Medical prescription drug coverage or Medical supplement insurance.

For people who are working and have employer coverage, they do not need to enroll for either of these plans.

Signing up for Medicare
Some people automatically get Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. For people who are automatically enrolled in any of these Medicare plans they are likely to receive a red, white and Blue Medicare card three months before they turn 65 or during the 25th month of disability.

Your first year Medicare tasks
The first step would be filling out the authorization form if you ever wish them to call the Medicare on your behalf. You also need to make a preventive visit appointment to Medicare agencies during your first year signing up with them. This will help them keep track of your medical history from the initial stage you avail the Medicare plan.

You will also need to sign up for Medicare.gov, the web portal of Medicare service providers. This will give you a comprehensive and round the clock access to the services provided by them. You can avail multiple services from this platform including tracking the healthcare claims, viewing Medicare summary notes, ordering replacement Medicare card and tracking various preventive services available.

You should also know what Medicare covers. The different tests, medicines which are available under Medicare plans should be in the knowledge of the user only then will they be able to realize the full benefits of Medicare plans which are available by the time a person turns 65.

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