Popular treatment options and hospitals for back pain

Popular treatment options and hospitals for back pain

Back pain occurs as a result of an injury caused to the muscles, joints, discs, or the ligaments. The human body also reacts to any such injury through inflammatory healing options. There is, however, a range of back pain treatment options available which can be availed at different hospitals and clinics throughout the US.

Lower back pain treatment includes a range of non-surgical treatment options, and these options also include back pain bulging disc treatment in case the patient is suffering from the same. A range of non-surgical options for back pain treatment is available at different clinics. You can also find online portals that have a comprehensive list of different health care centers throughout the country which provide effective back pain treatment options. Some of the medical treatments available at medical centers include:

Muscle relaxants
If this option for lower back pain treatment is taken, the same acts as a depressant of the central nervous system and leads to an increase in the mobility of the tense muscles. It also relieves pain in the muscles and thus leads to easing the pain in the lower back.

Narcotic pain medications
At times, doctors at medical centers also recommend the use of narcotic medications. These, however, are only used in cases when a surgical option has been practiced and the pain has to be subsided. Doctors do not recommend this option for back pain bulging disc treatment and lower back pain near the kidney as it has many side effects and can make a person addicted to the medications.

Use of back braces
Sometimes, back pain treatment can also be done by using back braces which provide comfort to the patient and also reduce the pain. The use of inelastic corset brace, when worn on daily basis in combination with different physical exercises, is known to heal and reduce the pain. This back brace is also helpful in cases when any kind of back surgery has been done.

Use of epidural steroid injection
At times of back pain treatment for bulging discs, epidural steroid injection which is administered directly into an outer part of the dural sac is also undertaken. This injection is known to temporarily relieve inflammation around the painful area.

Massage therapy
Lower back pain treatment can also be achieved effectively through massage therapy which is known to relieve muscle spasm thereby helping in lowering back pain. It is commonly known that massage increases blood flow to lower back and thus it brings more oxygen to the affected area.

Surgical options for treating lower back pain
In the cases where non-surgical options do not work, surgery can be considered as a treatment option.

Decompression surgery
When a decompression surgery is performed it removes the pressure on nerve root which thus relieves the pain. Two primary types of decompression for lower back pain can be done. These include microdiscectomy which is a minimally invasive procedure for patients who have been suffering from chronic back pain. Moreover, laminectomy can also be performed for patients who have persistent weakness from any kind of spinal stenosis which has occurred due to changes in discs or bone spurs. This treatment can be done with the open or minimally invasive technique which requires minimal incisions and the patients can return to their normal course of action within a day of the surgery.

Popular hospitals for lower back pain treatment
The United States has a large number of specialized hospitals and clinics which offer dedicated treatment for lower back pain. Below are listed some of these which you can ideally check for getting some relief from back.

Arizona Spine & Joint Hospital
This hospital has received numerous awards for offering treatment to patients suffering from lower back pain. This hospital is considered as one of the top 100 hospitals for spine surgery in the US.

Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis is another specialized clinic in the US which offers treatment for lower back pain. This hospital came into prominence when a cervical spine surgery was conducted here in 2003.

Doctors Hospital at Renaissance
This hospital is regarded as one of the best lower back pain treatment options in Texas. It is also one among the top 100 spine surgery hospitals in the US.

Einstein Medical Center
This hospital has also been given Spine Surgery Excellence Award and has been given the five-star rating for spinal fusion surgeries carried out during last two years. If you are based in Philadelphia and are looking for back pain bulging disc treatment, Einstein Medical Center can be one of the best options to choose from.

Apart from these hospitals and clinics, Fort Walton Beach medical center can be considered if you are looking for lower back pain treatment in Florida. For patients in Atlanta, Emory University Orthopedics and Spine Hospital can be a worthy option to try.

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