Quick & Healthy Toddler Snacks To Take On The Go

The most important thing about healthy eating is choosing to eat the right type of food, in the right proportion, and at the right time. While most of us struggle with making healthy food choices, there may be several others who can easily manage their diet. It has been observed that most people who keep a tab on their children’s diet, often go astray while snacking and with midnight munching. Snacking is indeed a tricky meal that can single-handedly be responsible for adding up those extra pounds. A packet of chips or frozen nuggets, for instance, can never make for healthy snacks even if they are baked. When it comes to healthy snacking, we should, therefore, take care of eating the right type of nutrition and spreading the calories over different meals.

Before delving your child into various healthy snacks, it is essential that we remember some basics to healthy eating. One of the most essential rules of eating right includes not skipping meals and trying to eat several times a day at regular intervals. When trying to keep your child healthy, the next thing you should remember includes striking the right balance with the type of diet your child indulge in and the amount of exercise they do. The next big thing to take care about includes snacking right. The best way to ensure that you do not go overboard with snacking is to have foods that are low-fat and naturally available. Bringing in healthy alternatives for snacking can help avoid sudden hunger pangs in your children. Here’s a list of some of the easiest and healthy snacks and snacking ideas to choose from.

Cottage cheese
This ingredient is one of the most healthy snacks and can be used in several easy and healthy snack ideas. Since cottage cheese is rich in protein and probiotics, it is an ideal snack for your child. You can add fresh cottage cheese with a variety of ingredients to make a healthy and power-packed snack time meal. You can also season cottage cheese with fresh herbs and marinate with olive oil to make a healthy snack for weight loss. What’s best, cottage cheese is a healthier variant among cheese variants and adds a mere 100 calories or less to your daily calorie requirements.

Quite like cottage cheese, chickpeas is another ingredient that can help you come up with several healthy and tasty snack ideas. Packed with the goodness of protein, chickpea gives you the right dosage of energy even when you are on a low-calorie diet. While one of the most popular chickpea snack idea includes mixing boiled chickpea salad with chopped tomatoes and onions, you can try grinding the chickpeas into hummus and have the dip alongside your favorite veggies. What’s best, chickpeas are good healthy snacks that you can enjoy anytime during the day.

Pumpkin is a super food that helps you feel satiated and full for a longer duration. While having pumpkin as snacks may seem unappealing, with some easy and healthy snack ideas, you can turn this boring ingredient to something exciting. Pumpkin goes wonderfully well with yogurt and makes for a protein-filled snack that is ideal to kick start a seemingly long day. Pureed pumpkin with yogurt makes for a great healthy snack for kids. What’s best, if you are trying to lose weight, add some grated almond, cinnamon, and pumpkin puree to your favorite yogurt and stay healthy without stocking up extra calories.

Combining berries including strawberry and blueberry and nuts with some low-fat yogurt is a great snack idea if you are new to healthy snacking. For wholesome and healthy snacks, try having some low-fat cheese along with berries. Berries make for one of the best low-calorie healthy snacks that not only let you stay on your weight loss journey but also help you stay satiated for longer hours. What’s more, berries are a great source of energy that keeps you going even on a diet.

Boiled and sautéed broccoli is a great snack. If you do not like this healthy snack, you can consider combining it with some low-fat salad dressing for some added flavour. The iron content in broccoli combines well with probiotic yogurt which helps enhance flavor and makes for tasty and healthy snacks.

If you cannot make up your mind about which snack you should munch on, consider eating a banana. Banana is a powerful 100-calorie snack infused with the goodness of several vitamins and minerals. If you get hungry in between meals, having a part of banana will not only fill you up with instant energy but also quell your sudden hunger pangs by satiating you for a long time.

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