Relationship Failing? Learn When to Just Give Up and Move On

Sometimes, a previously healthy relationship starts failing and neither person knows what to do or which direction to take.  If you are still discussing it with your partner and figuring out how to fix it, there’s probably still hope for your relationship.  When your relationship becomes more resentful and too much is left unsaid, it may be time to get out.  These are relationship dynamics anyone can understand and that can be fixed without the need to bring in a relationship counselor.  However, there are some occasions when leaving is the best and only option.

A relationship that is failing due to one partner being abusive is not sustainable, and never will be.  Abuse is never justified and it always means that it’s time to just leave, if only for your own safety.  Any physical violence at all – even if you truly believe that your partner "didn’t mean it" – is the biggest red flag in the entire dating world.  If you get hit, slapped, or thrown down once, it will happen again.  Contact a domestic abuse counseling service for a guaranteed sympathetic ear and practical advice on how to begin "getting out."


Sometimes, a non-violent relationship may be financially abusive.  If you’re with someone who doesn’t hold up their end and you find yourself being a parent to them rather than a partner, it may be time to go.  There is only one way they will ever learn to stand on their own two feet, and that is on their own.


Chronic dishonesty is always the sign of a relationship destined to fail.  If you cannot trust what your partner tells you nine-tenths of the time, it may be time to cut the relationship off.  You don’t need any proof to confirm your suspicions – go with your gut tells you and you can be assured that you have the right answer.  If their only reliable quality is that they pollute your relationship with lies, it’s a good time to consider cutting your losses and moving on.  


Communication and trust are the two most important factors to any successful relationship, but if your partner has a habit of breaking any trust or foundation to the relationship, a deeper relationship with the person will be impossible.  Let them go, and don’t waste years of your life trying to fix someone who is fundamentally broken.  Sometimes, that is the most loving thing you can do for somebody – yourself.

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