Review: Proactiv Solution Acne Treatment Does it Work?

Proactiv has been around since 1995, but it is probably most memorable for the ads with Jessica Simpson touting her glowing complexion and crediting Proactiv with helping her clear up her acne.


Today, you can find Justin Beiber saying he uses ProActiv, although he admits he’s never had many pimples.  If you order today, you can also get a signed Justin Beiber poster.  Hm, how much does this company really want your money, and how well does the product work?

First, the expense is one of the most common complaints.  Proactiv is expensive, and you’ll pay more depending on where you buy it, whether online or at your drugstore.  Second, it seems that the product does take some time to work.  Many customers stop using the product due to the cost before it really starts clearing up their skin, so if you decide to use it, keep at it for a few months.

However, the most common complaint about Proactiv is the fact that the product tends to cause severe dry skin on your face.  Some customers have reported red, dry, flaky skin lasting for months after discontinuing use of the product.  Other customers have reported severe rashes.  The key to avoiding these seems to be not to use all three products three times per day, but to vary them, using only one or two.


Most customers do say that Proactiv was able to soften their skin and make it feel a bit better, but the redness and dryness counteracted that benefit.  Moreover, most customers who tried to return the product found that the customer support at Proactiv is a bit less than what you would expect.  Returning the product is not as easy as the infomercials make it seem, so be prepared for a few hassles should you want a refund.

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