Scared of Marriage? Learn Why You Should Tie the Knot.

Going off to college was one of the scariest moments of my life.  The longest I’ve committed to anything was probably a year; now, I was basically signing away my early 20’s.  Looking back, getting my degree was one of the highlights of my life.  Then the second commitment hit.  Immediately after I gained my freedom back from hours slaving on research projects and homework, my girlfriend asked me to commit long term to her!


Marriage is a scary subject for most young people.  The rationale goes: "if I get tired of my new car/ clothing/ friends after a year, how can I expect to stay excited about the same person for the rest of my life?" 


With this question in mind, I decided to investigate.  I surprisingly discovered that the benefits of tying the knot outweigh the benefits of a single life.  It wasn’t even a contest, marriage won unanimously.  Here are the reasons you should tie the knot.


Marriage Advantage #5: Better Health

When I think of relationships, I imagine high blood pressure from stress and headaches from arguments.  Obviously I’m in the minority because studies show that married individuals live 10 years longer than their lonely counterparts.  This may be partially explained by the fact that married individuals (particularly those who have a family) tend to eat more home-cooked meals rather than snacking on fast food and unhealthy microwaved meals. 


When you consider that having heart disease lowers your life expectancy by just 6 years, it’s amazing to think that being without a partner can take a decade off of your life.


Marriage Advantage #4: More Money


Some say that finding your soul mate amongst billions of people on earth is like gambling on the lottery.  On a similar note, statistics show that married people are wealthier than singles.  Today, most couples have full time jobs, and two incomes are better than one.  Additionally, married people tend to spend less than singles on frivolous expenses such as flashy cars, night-life entertainment and eating out, instead opting for secure investments such as buying and upgrading their home.


Another surprising statistic is that married men and women tend to make more money and get raises more often than single people with similar experience.  Now, instead of hitting the race tracks, go fishing for a mate!


Marriage Advantage #3: More Sex!


Despite all the marriage jokes about sex, couples who have tied the knot have more sex more often.  Plus, their intimacy is more satisfying emotionally and physically, and it is healthier because they are no longer at risk from STDs and other infections.  Even couples who live together but are not married report lower frequency and less satisfaction with sex than married couples.


Marriage Advantage #2. Stronger Commitment


Can a public ceremony and a piece of paper really make someone commit?  Of course – how else do you think divorce lawyers make their money?  Even though 40% of marriages today end in divorce (with an increase in the trend), a surprising 60% stay together for life.  Men are four times less likely to have sex with someone else when married.  Women are eight times less likely to cheat than an unmarried counterpart in a stable live-in relationship.


Marriage Advantage #1: A Real Family


One of the most important aspects of marriage to many people is to build a family.  Married couples have happier and more successful children than divorced or single parents. 


With society becoming more and more progressive, it’s a wonder that traditional institutions stand a chance anymore.  However, the data is overwhelmingly in support of marriage versus being single.  If your partner is bugging you to tie the knot, think about all the advantages you have to gain.  It may not be such a bad idea.


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