Six FAQs on CoolSculpting Fat Freezing

The notion of CoolSculpting came into existence when it was observed that fat loss could be brought about in the human body due to low temperatures. It was noted by scientists that exposure to cold, upon placing an ice popsicle in between the gum and the cheeks, will cause inflammation, swelling, and firmness to arise in the cheek. As the swelling goes down, the cheek will become thinner, often forming a dimple, in response to the destruction of fat cells. Studies demonstrated that the fat was way more susceptible to the cold than all the surrounding tissues. Thus, the CoolSculpting came into existence to reduce body fat. To know more about CoolSculpting fat freezing and what it entails, go through the below list of frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Is the CoolSculpting Fat Freezing method compatible for everyone?

CoolSculpting is used more in contouring the body rather than weight loss. It helps to flatten the stubborn areas of the body that are filled with excessive fat. CoolSculpting was, in fact, designed to be used over specific parts of the body rather than broad body areas. Outer thigh fat, postpartum lower belly fat, and love handles can be greatly reduced with the help of a fat-freezing method like CoolSculpting fat freezing.

How does the method of CoolSculpting fat freezing work?

CoolSculpting is essentially a non-invasive procedure that is characterized by no downtime or very minimal downtime. This method involves the use of a process known as cryolipolysis, as a result of which, fat exposure to freezing or near freezing temperatures leads to the destruction of fat cells. The fat cells become fatally injured and are seen to die within a period of two to three months, after which these get removed by the immune system of the body.

What is the CoolSculpting fat freezing procedure like?

If you want to avail CoolSculpting fat treatment, then you need to first arrive for this procedure at the clinic of a medical professional who specializes in such treatments. The medical professional shall then proceed to examine the different areas of the body where you would like the fat to be shrunk or reduced after which the excess fat shall be pinched into what is known as a CoolSculpting applicator.

The target area shall turn numb with cold once the treatment begins. The treatment lasts for a whole hour, after which the treated area turns completely red. The provider then gently massages the treatment site, after which the lumps will begin to dissipate very quickly.

What happens to the treated body fat after CoolSculpting?

The temperature of the tissues of the treated area gets reduced to well below the average body temperature once the CoolSculpting device is put to use. A cold injury is thus produced, which damages all the saturated fats located in fat cell membranes. A fat cell result occurs, which is known as apoptosis. Such cellular suicide sees all the damaged fat cells shrink considerably in size, undergo a process of fragmentation and then form particles which then come to be known as the apoptotic bodies. The apoptotic bodies are removed entirely by the immune system of the body through a process known as phagocytosis.

Are there any side effects of CoolSculpting and how much fat can you hope to lose?

There aren’t any terrible symptoms or side effects associated with the fat freezing procedure. However, those who undergo this treatment have often complained about a good deal of swelling and soreness around the treatment area. The CoolSculpting fat freezing method can help you lose at least 20 to 25 percent of the fat accumulated in specific areas of the body. While most patients have to wait for around three months before they begin to see the results of this treatment, if you are lucky, you may witness the results within just a few weeks.

What is the follow-up procedure after undergoing CoolSculpting fat freezing?

Maintaining a healthy diet is an absolute must once you undergo CoolSculpting fat freezing. Your diet should consist of all the essential carbohydrates, proteins, and minerals needed to ensure that the effects of the fat freezing procedure offer long-lasting effects. You also need to exercise on a regular basis and join a fitness center if needed in order to prevent accumulation of additional fat in different parts of your body. You have to start burning calories as soon as these get formed inside your body.

Thus, CoolSculpting fat freezing treatment can be a useful fat burning method to opt for, if losing weight quickly and easily is foremost on your mind. CoolSculpting is a safe and secure fat removal procedure with little or no side effects accompanying it.

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