Surviving Valentines Day if You Are Going Through a Divorce

Valentine’s Day is a day typically associated with love and romance, but that doesn’t mean that people going through divorce need to feel sad or miserable during the holiday.  If you are battling your way through a divorce and are looking for ways to make this holiday less upsetting, here are some great tips to help you out. With these ideas, Valentine’s Day can still be survivable despite your divorce.


A great way to help make Valentine’s Day better while dealing with divorce is to spend it with other single friends. Instead of wallowing in feeling lonely, make it a special day.  Go to a funny movie with a group of friends, spend the day getting pampered at the spa, or just spend time laughing and enjoying a meal or great drinks with the friends in your life.


Doing something nice for others is another great way to make the most of Valentine’s Day when dealing with divorce.  You will find that spending a day volunteering for the elderly or the homeless or offering your time to a local church can leave you feeling wonderful, as well as a little bit more thankful for what you have.  Find an activity that will make you feel good and just do it.


Last, consider spending a day just pampering yourself.  Sleep in, make yourself a great breakfast or brunch, visit a zoo or Sealife Center and rediscover how much fun it is to feed the animals, or go to the spa.  Do what makes you happy and forget about the divorce for a day.  Your life can be fantastic and so can your Valentine’s Day, and divorce doesn’t have to mean that you have to stop having fun.

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