Tactful Tips to Improve Common Body Flaws

Different types of body flaws can easily be hidden so that you can boost your self-confidence. Using the right techniques will allow you to cover up a wide variety of conditions and afflictions.

Birth Marks/ Scars/ Broken Veins

These body flaws are often unattractive. Depending on their location, your body flaws can be obscured by wearing clothes that extend past the problem area. If you would prefer not to limit your wardrobe, you can use concealer and mineral powder to cover up the birth defect or scar.

Excess Fat/ Love Handles

When you are losing weight, you may have excess fat that you would like to conceal. You can purchase many products that work on smoothing out your love handles in order to make you look slimmer and smaller. Special stretchy fabrics have been created to lift and firm problem areas.

Stretch Marks

While cocoa butter has been the most popular method to conceal these body flaws, many women are now using olive oil as an alternative. In addition, jojoba oil is effective in fighting the negative effects of stretch marks. Another great alternative that can be found in most beauty stores is Shea butter.

Warts can be covered up by using medicated band-aids that help heal the condition by killing the virus that causes the wart. You should make certain that you wear band-aids when they appear on your hands, as warts can be easily spread when you shake someone’s hand.

Your imperfections should not limit you in any way. You can use simple techniques to cover them up and improve your confidence.

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