The Best Plumping Products For Your Lips

If you are looking for that Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox full-lipped look, you are likely going to need to invest in lip plumpers.  Collagen injections are certainly not recommended, and while makeup helps, a quality drugstore plumper can give you a clear advantage.  Here are some products that can give you the lips you’ve been looking for.


City Lips


One top rated product is called City Lips.  This product is packed with collagen and offers two different items.  There is a clear gloss that you can use at night to help plump your lips as well as a colored one in the day that will help plump and give a fuller look in the process.  While this product isn’t instant, the second item will help give you the right look much faster.


Lip Fusion


Fusion Beauty’s LipFusion XL is another great product.  This one is intended to be used only at night and works by providing your lips with dehydrated collagen particles.  These particles interact with the moisture in your lips and the end result in the morning is a kisser that is anything but flat and lifeless.


Lip Venom


Last is Lip Venom by DuWop.  This product works instantly through the use of cinnamon, which helps to bring increased blood flow to the lips.  It tingles as it works and it is one of the most potent instant plumpers on the market. Best of all, it costs less than $20.

These three plumpers stand out in a sea of competitors, making them the top items on the market for fuller lips.

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