The Keys to Hiding Skin Imperfections

Skin imperfections happen to everyone.  Whether it is a scar from surgery, a large blemish, or a scratch from your cat, skin imperfections can cause great distress if on a noticeable part of your body.  The important thing is learning how to hide them. Here are a few ways to hide skin imperfections like a pro.

For acne and small blemishes, a little bit of concealer can be all that you need. For the most natural effect, combine two: a cream and a powder. Cream concealer sticks or pencils are very popular and can be obtained from any quality makeup store. Dab the thicker concealer cream onto the blemish, and blend outward. Make sure the ‘edges’ of the concealer patch are stroked outward until they blend with the surrounding skin, or you will end up with a noticeable lighter patch on your skin. Next, pat the concealer powder over the top to completely blend with the surrounding skin. The key is to pat the concealer into place rather than rubbing it in. 


It is important to buy noncomedogenic concealer to ensure that it doesn’t simply cause further blemishes.  Adding antioxidants to your diet can also help prevent new blemishes from forming. For any blemish, try tea-tree oil in ointment form. Dab some on before bed and in the morning you will find that your blemish is less red and noticeable. This is because tea-tree oil in a natural antiseptic, which fights infection and kills bacteria that causes blemishes. The blemish can then heal by itself naturally.

If you are looking to hide scars, makeup may not do the trick.  If you have keloids, or raised scars, you may find that you need to have them removed surgically. Peels and laser treatments can shrink these skin imperfections, making them much harder to detect and much easier to cover up or conceal.

Skin imperfections can be frustrating, but they can almost always be hidden. If the imperfections are located away from the face and hands, they can be hidden with simple clothing.  Finding a creative way to hide your imperfections can give you reason to try new outfits, and can help you eliminate unsightly blemishes and scars without worrying that you are drawing unnecessary attention to your body’s imperfections.

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