The Lowdown on the Top 10 Services Offered by Day Spas

Day spas can be a wonderful way to relax and recharge after a stressful week in the office.  If you’ve never been to a professional spa before, you are probably curious about the types of services they offer.


The following is a menu of the ten of the top services that they can provide.  Not all spas have each of the services, but the following are common to find locally.

Manicure – Beautiful nails are a sign of good health, and a proper manicure may be just the thing you need.  You can get your cuticles pushed back, a clear polish that will strengthen the nail, and even a fancy treatment like a French Polish.

Pedicure – Pampering your feet is a great way to unwind, and a pedicure will help your feet look, and feel, wonderful.

Exfoliation – This treatment will help to clear up the skin on your face, and it can even help to restore a more youthful appearance.  It’ll remove all dead and dry skin, clean up pores, and prevent breakouts.

Mud Bath – A full body mud bath can help cleanse your skin and make it soft and glowing.  It’ll close up pores and leave you with softer skin.  Many mud treatments include aloe, which will moisturize any dry spots.

Steam Room – The steam room is a great place to relax and unwind before you start your other treatments.  It opens up your pores while cleansing them, and softens rough heels and elbows.

Aromatherapy – With candles and incense, the aromas can help to clear your mind and reduce any tension.  It’s proven to release stress, and any negative thoughts.

Body Massage – Perhaps one of the best treatments at a spa, this will help you relax and want to go into a deep sleep.  The oils and techniques used will relax and hydrate your skin and muscles.  Many different types of body massages are available, including shiatsu.

Face Massage – Many people don’t realize just how much tension they hold in their facial muscles.  A good massage can help reduce headaches, tension, and stress.

Botox – Some of the day spas today are now offering Botox service to their clients!  As Botox becomes more common, clients are left looking refreshed and more youthful.

Tanning – Many spas today also offer tanning beds as a part of their services.  The heat can help you relax, and will tighten up pores.  After a few uses, it will even make you look like you’re glowing.

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