This World Environment Day, check out some tips for going Green on the Road!

It’s World Environment Day and an attempt at educating our readers with some tips on how to go green on the road. While most of us are making changes to our schedules and preferences as well as adopting a “greener” lifestyle, we are still falling short. Going green is not just limited to adopting a few plants, maintaining a fresh backyard, using essential oils, and cutting down on the use of paper. The digital age might have its drawbacks, but it definitely helps the environment by reducing the use of paper in more than one way. Going green is about helping the environment with a few changes in your everyday activities. This particular article talks about how a few changes to our driving habits can help the environment in more than one way.

One easy way to cut down on the pollution emitted from your car is to carpool with people from your office or college. You might want to the comfort of your car all by yourself, but a tiny sacrifice can help the environment. Carpooling will not only reduce the number of cars on the road but also significantly cut down travel costs. Ridesharing is another popular resource, which is a formal program for people who are interested in carpooling.

Four-day work week
It is most likely that most of us spend maximum drive time on our daily work commute. The four-day work week is an experiment that has an array of advantages, better environmental health being just one of the many. The four-day work week is a substitute to the 8-hour, five-day working week. In the four-day work week, you work for 10 hours a day for four days instead of 8 hours a day for five days. One day less in the office can cut down travel costs as well as pollution levels by 20%. This movement is quite popular and has been gaining impetus to a level that some state governments are even considering it as a standard working pattern.

Hybrid cars
Hybrid cars are a blessing for the environment if directly compared to regular cars. Compared to the amount of gas consumed hybrid cars, regular cars use up a lot more. These cars also emit less toxic emissions as compared to regular cars. Along with doing good for the environment, you can save up some money on your gas expenses by switching to hybrid cars. Even if money is a secondary concern, the fact that the usage of gas will be reduced should be a motivator for you to switch to hybrid cars.These tips can help in reducing pollution as well as lower gas usage; thereby, benefiting the environment. Let us look at some basic rules you can follow on road-trips or even your regular drives.

Save extra napkins and condiments
If we are going out for long travels, it is inevitable that we would get hungry during the travels or even have our breakfasts and lunches on the go for the short travels. If you are one of the many, you can save the napkins and superfluous condiment packages you get with your fast food. Reduce your usage to the bare minimum and try eating twice with the cutlery of a single delivery. Maybe you will have something useful to store in that glove box; alternatively, you can also store them in the plastic bag and stuff it in the backseat.

Litter bag
If you are now taking the effort of saving some extra cutlery and going the extra mile, you could maintain a litter bag in the car as well. This tip is essential for road trips as it will be easier collect all the trash at once and dispose of it. You can place the trash bag at the corner of the closed glove box, store the garbage in it, and then discard it when you find a trash bag.

Adopting all of the abovementioned tips can definitely do a whole lot of good to the environment. If not, one can try to make as many “green” changes to their lifestyle as possible.

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