Tips on Keeping Your Eyes Looking Young

You can have younger looking eyes by using effective products, and by following specific techniques that can prevent wrinkles and fine lines.  With the right information, you can achieve the youthful appearance that you deserve.

Product Applications

Whenever you apply anything to this delicate area, you should use your ring fingers.  They are the weakest fingers on your hand, which means that less pressure will be applied to your eyes.  The skin in this area is a 1/4″ thinner than the rest of your face.  It is important that you refrain from using any pulling actions in order to prevent creasing, wrinkling and sagging. 

Cosmetic Products

Any makeup that you use on your eyes should be age-defying, so you can avoid having your makeup emphasize your wrinkles.  Lighter makeup is also ideal in order to prevent a cakey look.  In order to look youthful, you need to keep things simple.

Relaxation Sessions

You can reduce the amount of puffiness and dark circles that you may be experiencing by using tea bags or cucumbers on your eyes.  The cooling sensation and nutrient absorption allows your eyes to rest and look more refreshed.  Taking some time for yourself also reduces stress.


You should keep your eyes moisturized at all times.  Dry skin can make you look older than you actually are.  You should allow a thick layer of moisturizer to set in before applying makeup.  You will find that the area will be much smoother.

You can look your best when you are attentive to your facial needs and use the right tips.

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