Top 5 Moves in Karate for Self Defense

Karate can either be a fun sport to participate in, or an activity used for self-defense.  Most people consider this martial art as a form of defense.  Depending on the situation, there are different moves that you can use to incapacitate someone who is trying to harm you. 


Here, we focus on five simple moves that are best used for the aforementioned self-defense purposes.


Straight Punch – Economy of movement is always important in karate, and while many movies show wild, ‘haymaker’ punches, they are too easy to block.  A straight punch, or jab, can more easily catch an attacker off-guard.


Elbow Strike – Elbow strikes are powerful, and they are especially useful in up close and personal combat.  Striking the head and neck is ideal, but a strike to the ribs can be particularly effective.


Knee Strike – There is nothing unsporting about a knee strike to the groin when you are fighting for your life.  Again, these are good for when the attacker is close to you and you don’t have the reach you need for a kick or punch.


Eye and Face Strike – Striking to the eyes, ears, nose, and throat are all very effective.  You can strike with an open hand and a raking motion, or a closed fist.  Chops are also effective in this area of the body.


Low Front Kick – While karate might seem like it is all about the kicking, in a defense situation, you are going to want to keep your kicks low – toward the shins, thighs, and groin.  High kicks, though they might look spectacular, can leave you off balance.

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