Top 5 Things to Avoid to Maintain a Healthy Self Perception

Looking and feeling beautiful is more than having a body like Kim Kardashian and a smile like J. Lo.  Although there are plenty of ways you may work to improve you beauty and physique, there are a few things to avoid if you want to feel your most beautiful.


Ditch the Magnifying Mirror!


One thing that you should avoid doing is using a magnifying mirror to look at your face, unless you are shaping your eyebrows.  Using this type of mirror will distort your perception of your face, and even if you realize it, it can make you feel flawed and self-conscious.  There’s no need to over-analyze every freckle, mark and wrinkle on your face.  Take a step back and look at the bigger picture of a beautiful person.


Turn Off the Florescent Light


Another thing that you need to avoid is using fluorescent lights where you look at your face.  Fluorescent lights put out a very harsh, yellow light, which is nothing like natural light.  Using these type of lights can give your face a sickly appearance that is not real, but will stick in your mind.  It makes make-up and hair look gross, and your skin everything that it is not.


Opt Out of Facial Analysis


Avoiding facial analysis machines is also important.  While it might seem like these devices can give you a lot of information about your face, they can actually force you to focus on flaws, rather than on your good aspects.  These machines never give “good news.”


Don’t Light From Below


You also need to avoid having your photograph taken from below eye level, or when the  illumination is from below.  If you’re having your picture taken, whether by a friend or at a photography studio, try to be photographed only where you have balanced lighting and lighting from all directions.  Natural light gives the best results.  Avoid that ‘Lepricorn’ look – it’s just not flattering!


Don’t Compare Yourself to Airbrushed Models


Finally, you also need to keep from comparing your face to those of women in magazines.  These photographs are never real – airbrushing is used to eliminate even the tiniest of flaws, so such a comparison is far from realistic.  It’s proven that women who read magazines for 15 minutes begin to feel self-conscious, even sub-consciously, so avoid filling your mind with fake beauty.

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