Top 5 Ways To Make Your Woman Happy

The world is full of complex creatures, but none is as mysterious to men as the elusive ‘Woman.’   No one may know for sure why women seem so complicated to men, but one thing is for sure – even though you may not understand her at times, there are certain sure-fire things you can do to make the woman in your life happy.

Tip 1: Actually Listen

If you have male chromosomes, you may find this one hard.  Even the strongest of men do not have the mental stamina to listen to one person talking for longer than about thirty minutes, unless the conversation includes the words ‘football‘, ‘beer’ or ‘half-time penalty.’  But all joking aside, there are a few tricks you can use to convince her you are a good listener – even if you’re not.


One good tip is to pay close attention to a small detail she mentions in casual conversation, like a childhood memory or an event at work.  Then, a few days later,  bring it up in a response, or give her something that indicates you were actually listening.  For instance, if one week she makes a comment that she was jealous of  a pair of new boots her co-worker had, the following week try taking her shopping for boots.  Now, you don’t always have to spend money, but mentioning that she looks much better in her new boots than her co-worker did shows her that you were paying attention.


Tip 2: Help Her Clean

Again, this tip requires a bit of work, but its worth it in the end.  If your woman is at work all day and you get home a few hours before she does, try surprising her one day by cleaning the whole house before she gets back.  Yes, that means doing the dishes, vacuuming and dusting.  In order for this to work, you need to legitimately clean, not just brush the dirt under the carpet and stick the dirty dishes in the dishwasher to hide them rather than turning it on.  If you make the house spotless every once in a while without being asked, you will see a wonderful smile on your woman’s face every time!


Tip 3: Take Her Out

A man’s perfect weekend is staying home in their comfortable chair watching the game with a beer, some pizza and a couple of buddies.  On the other hand, every woman loves to go out at the weekend – whether it’s shopping, visiting friends or just hitting the cinema.  So every once in a while you have to meet in the middle to show her that you love her.  

Talk to her and reach a compromise between your favorite weekend activities.  Try alternating staying in and going out every other week to make you both happy.  On your ‘going out’ weekends, just leave the house and spend time together.  It doesn’t have to be be a big expensive night out, even dinner and a rental movie will usually work, or even (gulp!) agree to go clothes shopping with her if she’ll let you have your best bud around next weekend to watch the big game.  The key to a successful relationship is compromise.  You will get more points if your woman can dress up and go out that night in the new clothes she bought that morning.


Tip 4: Show Her Affection.

I’ll admit that I often neglect the importance of affection.  Not because I don’t love my woman, but because routine catches up to all of us.  Women internalize actions much more than men, and may eventually become mad at you ‘for no reason’ if you go to work on five consecutive mornings without kissing her goodbye.  She may not tell you that this is why she is mad at you, but this is why she is mad at you.  So try to remember the small things and to show her affection every single day. 


Every woman loves being cuddled, caressed, and cared for.  All it takes is a hug or a kiss every morning or evening to show her that you still care for her.  So don’t forget that the simplest gestures mean the most.  Hold her hand in public, open doors for her, rub her neck once in a while.  Affection can be as simple as a sweet text or phone call letting her know that you’re thinking about her.

Tip 5: Give Her Flowers

This may seem like a generic answer, but it works.  Of all the women in my life I know, not a single one dislikes receiving flowers. This tip extends beyond giving your woman flowers.  It can be chocolates, teddy bears, basically anything sweet or cute, even a card or a poem written on a piece of scrap paper will be appreciated.


The act of giving is the trick to making your woman happy. They love receiving little gifts because it shows appreciation – it makes them feel important that you took the time to send them a token of your love.  Follow these tips and before you know it, you’ll have a happy woman.


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