Turmeric as an Arthritis Remedy: Does it Help?

For thousands of years, we have been using herbs to combat a variety of ailments and illnesses.  Western medicine seems to have eliminated the need for some of these remedies, but arthritis is still a plague upon many people.  They don’t want to over medicate with pain medication, but they want to find a way to deal with the pain that their arthritis causes.

A dietary supplement that many people have turned to for help with their arthritis is turmeric.  It has been used for treating inflammatory problems for ages, and many are finding that it does indeed offer some relief from their arthritis pain.

Turmeric has benefits that go beyond just its anti-inflammatory properties.  It is used for controlling cholesterol, as an antibacterial, and for an antioxidant to name a few.

Some experts believe that a drug should be made using turmeric, but this can pose some cost issues for the end buyer.  The herb itself is much cheaper than what a drug company would charge for a drug that they would create.

Western medicine and Eastern remedies seem to be at odds over the benefits of turmeric for arthritis.  If you are suffering from arthritis, you might want to try some of the supplements that are on the market right now to see if it works for you.  You can find them in most health supplement stores and online.

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