Understanding the Importance of a Glucose Meter

Diabetes is an increasing problem in the country. It is disheartening to know that more than 29 million people are diabetic. It is a disease which requires a lot of attention. However, it can be controlled by regular physical activities, planned diet and proper usage of medication prescribed.

Regardless of the measures taken to control, it is vital to keep track of your glucose levels. Every diabetic adult will need a glucose meter to count and show the sugar levels in their blood. It is essential to make progress, use the glucose meter to check for changes in your blood sugar levels on a daily basis. It helps you manage this disease in a much better way.

The question is, how to choose a glucose meter. There are many options out there ranging from basic models to advanced devices. It all depends on your requirements. It is very important that you consult with your doctor when you want to buy a glucose meter. They should guide you to the right meter and its usage. It is also important to know about glucose meters and their usage.

Primary requirement

The primary requirement in the selection is to check the basic function, which the meter can calculate your blood sugar level. There are three ways to check the same.

Make use of liquid control solutions

Take a test strip, put a drop of the solution and insert it into the device. If the value on the meter reflects the value mentioned on the label, then it is a functional meter. You can also use this method whenever you start a new batch of test strips.

Electronic self-checks

Every electronic device has a self-test coded within. Glucose meters also come with these self-checks. If the device displays an error after an electronic check, then it has a problem. You can refer to the manual that you get along with the device for the error code displayed. You should contact the manufacturer using the toll-free number when needed.

Compare it with lab tests

The value showing up on your meter should match the results from your lab tests then the device is functioning properly.

If one stores the glucose meters and uses them in the right way, it will always result in accurate values.

Additional features and requirements

Sometimes we need to look into the additional features a meter provides based on our requirements. Effortless usage, memory, cost and the pain involved are taken into consideration.

Effortless usage

You may want to feel at ease when you are using these meters. Large displays, simple options and talk back facility make it easy for use. The amount of blood needed and the body areas it is from. We all want to make things easier so why to compromise when it is available.


Citizens often fall into the trap of free glucose meters. It may be comforting to know that you get to save money on your purchase but you should never forget the quality. Investing in a good glucose meter will help you reap good rewards over time. Look out for a meter which suits your requirements rather than the price. You should make sure to speak with your insurance provider about the coverage on the device. Do not fall for a free glucose meter.

Memory and storage

It is very important to know about your progress. A glucose meter can store your readings which becomes easy to track your progress of your health. This will also help you to go for effective treatment options if necessary.


You need to research on the list of glucose meters that you shortlist. Any device can have a malfunction, so you should make sure to check the customer feedback on the devices. It is also necessary to know that their customer support is good. You do not want to hang on for days to get a replacement when needed.

Advanced devices

There have been many developments in the industry. While the traditional glucose meters are in full effect, there are other options. Advanced methods such as alternate site monitoring or continuous glucose monitor are available. These methods can be less painful and can also give you continuous values of your blood sugar.

Alternate site monitoring uses blood from areas such as arms but can be not so accurate. Continuous glucose will be needed as you will have to use a strip under the skin and change it every seven or eight days.
If the old glucose meters are not your cup of tea, then you need to consult with your doctor. Never compromise on buying a good meter if you want to keep your blood sugar in control. You have to put in enough effort and research before you buy the ideal glucose meter for your needs.

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