Which Products in Your Home Contain Formaldehyde?
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Keeping your home safe and free of toxins seems like a logical step.  However, many homes are at increased risk because of common product formulations that contain formaldehyde. 


While formaldehyde is used for a number of things, too much of it in your home can have serious implications for your health.  What are the top products that contain this chemical in your home?


Wrinkle Free Fabrics

If you have clothing (or other fabric items) in your home that is billed as "wrinkle free," then chances are good that those fabrics contain formaldehyde.  Usually, these products will cause an allergic skin reaction, but no other harm.


Brazilian Blowout

This product is a hair straightening serum, billed as one of the most effective ever developed.  However, the high levels of formaldehyde in this product should be cause for alarm.  It can cause breathing and vision problems, as well as more serious issues.  If you work with this product at a salon, use it only in a well ventilated area and take frequent breaks.


Building Materials

The very components used to manufacture your home might actually contain formaldehyde, as well.  Most plywood, particleboard and other modern building materials (also used in furniture) are composed of wood chips and a formaldehyde resin.


Nail Polish

The same product you use to beautify your fingernails might be a threat to you.  Nail polish, cosmetics and even organic baby care products can contain formaldehyde, so check the ingredients label very carefully.


Mobile Homes

If you live in a mobile home, then you might be subjected to very high levels of formaldehyde (five times higher than normal) contained in the shell material of older model cabins.  This can lead to burning eyes, respiratory problems and headaches, as well as long-term health problems.

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