5 Healthy and Flavorful Spices to Add Zing to Your Food

Nobody likes to eat bland food. One of the reasons so many people turn to foods that are not as healthy for them as they should choose is the lack of taste in healthier options.  However, if you add the right spices to your meals, you will find that you can still have food that tastes great and is healthy for you.

Check out some of the healthiest and most flavorful spices that you can easily buy at your local supermarket and add to your diet.

Oregano is perfect for Italian food of all types, and you can use the spice on plenty of other foods as well, including sandwiches.  Oregano has a high amount of antioxidants.  In fact, it has as much as three cups of broccoli!  The oregano family is quite large, the strongest being Mexican oregano.  The spice can be found in Greek mountainsides and grows up to two feet tall.

Ginger is another spice that has a surprising amount of antioxidants in it.  Many believe it can also reduce pain and nausea, just by adding it to a few dishes each week. Ginger hails from India and China and has been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years.  The spice comes in many forms, between being crystallized, pickled, preserved, dried and raw.

Cinnamon is a great and very popular spice.  You can use it in many different foods, including cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, and even in your coffee.  The spice features antioxidants, and many claim that it is excellent for regulating cholesterol and blood sugar.  Cinnamon is made from the bark of trees and is commonly used in sweeter foods.  It has also been used to cure colds, treat diarrhea, relieve menstrual disorders, curb the urge for tobacco, improve digestion and even cure bad breath.

Dried red peppers
Dried red peppers can add some heat to your meals, but it is healthy, as well.  It is a safe and tasty way to improve your metabolism and help lose weight.  Dried chilies are commonly ground to powder, and are mostly used in South America.

Turmeric is a spice that you can find in curry powder and is commonly used in India. This spice is supposed to help with brain health, and although it’s a strong spice, it tastes delicious when correctly prepared.  It’s great for disinfecting cuts or burns, reduces the risk of childhood leukemia, prevents breast cancer, stops the growth of new blood vessels in tumors, increases metabolism, treats depression and works as an anti-inflammatory.  Not bad for a simple spice!

Add some flavor to your meals and become healthier, without having to bore your taste buds.  You can find almost any spice at your local grocery store, but for unique and specialty spices visit a specialty spice store or a farmer’s market.

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