Why Drinking Water Aids in Weight Loss

Losing weight is tough. However, one the most effective and beneficial ways that aid attempts at losing weight is by drinking water – lots of it.  

What is Water?


On the surface, it may seem like water has nothing to do with nutrition or weight loss, but this simple hardy molecule, H20, is the reason our body is able to process anything we eat.

Before we get into nutrition and how water helps us in our goal of losing weight, let’s discuss what water is.  Water is a bent molecule made of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms.  Strong covalent bonds make H20 incredibly versatile and energy efficient.  Combine that with the strength of hydrogen bonds that attach to other water molecules, and you have the ingredient to life.  


Beyond allowing us to live, water has an enormous heat capacity, is practically a universal solvent, and exists in all three states (solid, liquid, gas) on earth.  Our body uses all of these properties of water every day, and understanding them will help us as we begin losing weight.   Water in our bodies help regulate temperature, dissolve nutrients, cleanses toxins, and assists us in losing weight.


Losing Water Weight

Losing weight with water is easier than many think.  Have you heard of water weight?  You can see it by looking in the mirror because our body likes to store water whenever it can.  In order to store water, it uses something called Osmosis.  If that sounds familiar, then congratulations; 9th grade chemistry was successful. 


Basically, where there are salts, water will go.  Our body stores salts we eat in order to hang on to water.  As we try losing weight, this water can be undesirable.  In order to flush your system from all that sodium, you need to drink more water to stop your body from hoarding it.


It’s likely you’ll lose five pounds in the next week just by increasing your intake of water and cutting back on sodium.  So skip the bag of chips, and reach for that water bottle!  Use a Britta or PUR water filter if you don’t like the natural taste of water.


Dissolving Nutrients


Losing weight isn’t the only benefit of drinking more water.  All nutrients that we eat are dissolved into water and then are transported through our blood stream into the cells that need the energy.  Think about water molecules as trucks on a highway: the less trucks, the less items you can transport.  Water helps dissolve nutrients so our body can actually use them for energy.  If our body doesn’t use food for energy, it turns into fat.  The more water you drink, the more efficient your metabolism will be.  Drinking water truly ‘flushes out’ your system in every single way!

The Hard Part

Water is a wonder molecule, but it is not the cure-all.  In your battle with losing weight, you need to put in more effort than drinking like a camel.  Losing weight isn’t just about chugging the H2s all day, you also need to get up off the sofa and exercise.  You don’t have to go to the gym, just stay healthy and active.  Also, watch your calories and eat a healthy balanced diet.  It’s simple when you know how!

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