Why Vitamins are Important for Children’s Nutrition

How many times have you had to coax a child to eat a healthy meal? Kids and their nutrition can be a very difficult subject, and most of the time parents will have to resort to the use of vitamins when they get worried. This is unfortunate because it is just a plain, old-fashioned, good idea to give kids complete vitamins as part of their daily diet regardless of their “pickiness” factor.

Many parents fear that it might be unsafe to give kids supplements and vitamins each day, but it is important to understand how vitamins work in order to understand their overall safety.

First, the body doesn’t absorb anything that it doesn’t actually require. This is the reason that someone might eat something full of a specific mineral or nutrient without saturating themselves with it. What happens with vitamins is that the body takes them, digests them, uses only the ingredients that it needs at that precise moment, and then passes them through the body via the urinary tract. This is the reason that urine can become discolored when someone begins using vitamins each day – the minerals are the guilty party. Unless unusually high amounts are consumed, the body is not harmed.

So, is giving kids vitamins with their breakfasts is a wise decision? Absolutely! It is the ideal time to incorporate this habit and can actually set them up for a life of good health. This is because adults often need supplements and vitamins too, and making the taking of a vitamin part of the daily routine can often help someone to avoid major health issues as they get older. If kids hate the taste, try buying ‘gummy’ or chewable vitamins that come in a range of candy-like flavors. Just be sure you hide them so the kids don’t eat the whole box!

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