Why Women Leave Men for Other Women

From “Sex In The City’s” Cynthia Nixon to Lindsay Lohan, it seems to the casual observer that more and more formerly straight women are leaving the heterosexual world behind and exploring committed relationships with other women.  A trend going deeper than the clichéd college experiment, there are a number of factors that give women the motivation and personal freedom to find love with the fairer sex.

Financial and Social Parity

It’s been documented that with the current recession, men are losing their jobs at a much higher rate than women.  Deprived of their traditional role as the breadwinner, many men are threatened by women who rise naturally to the role of caretaker and grow to resent their spouses. 


Likewise, traditionally straight-minded women may end up resenting their husbands for not being able to provide.  In a relationship with two women, traditional gender roles are thrown out the window, and neither person has to apologize for making too much money, or not enough.

Bisexuality and Lesbianism in the Media

On many of the most popular TV shows, there’s an acceptance, and even a celebration, for women who love women.  A straight woman who’d never have even dreamed of being with women is now exposed to a whirlwind of media that says female sexuality is fluid. 


The media tells her that lesbianism is now almost chic, and that the world will be accepting of a change in woman’s sexual orientation, regardless of age or previous history.  Not only is TV showing that it’s safe to admit an attraction to women, it’s showing “switching teams” as a viable option.

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