Why Women Love Good Guys

They say good guys finish last, and women love only the bad guys.  If that is true, then why do women currently active in the dating scene always cry out, “Where are all the decent men?”  Women, in their very core, want to be treated well, with respect and love.  Good guys can keep their relationship with any type of woman, as long as they keep it exciting and adventurous, yet still maintain their good nature. 


Dating is a minefield, and good guys often have the relationships that work and last. Here are a few tips you can learn from the classic ‘Good Guy’ that you can use in your current relationship… even if you’re not so ‘good’ yourself.

Good Guy Charm #1: Respect

The good guy, at his core, deeply respects women.  He treats women with the same respect as he treats the other women in his family.  Good guys also don’t believe that being cocky or loud is the way to get noticed.  Rather, good guys get noticed because they use their charm and sweetness, which almost always works.

Good Guy Charm #2: Listening

The good guy listens well.  He take genuine interest in a woman he likes, and puts real effort into winning the girl of his dreams.  He also know that the way to a woman’s heart is through listening – so he listens well and often.  Good guys don’t talk over a woman when she speaks, and they don’t dismiss her thoughts as trivial or banal.  Good guys never put down their girl, especially in front of other people.  He doesn’t tell you you’re wrong; instead, he explains his own stance and accepts that the both of you can have differing opinions.

Good Guy Charm #3: Love

The good guy loves you for who you are.  He doesn’t force you to change for him, he accepts you for what you are.  He doesn’t oblige you to be a certain kind of a woman to fit his lifestyle.  Good guys also accept their woman’s natural physique, and know that she is no embodiment of a fantasy or a dream, and that every woman is real.
Good Guy Charm #4: Making Time for His Lady

The good guy prioritizes you.  He gives you his undivided time, and recognizes that as his girlfriend, you shouldn’t have to compete with his work or his friends to get attention.  He makes time, even when he is busy, to squeeze you into his schedule.  Good guys never fail to make you feel that you are part of his day today, whether you are together or apart.  He puts you in your place if you become needy or jealous, but makes sure you sit there comfortably.

Good Guy Charm #5: Support

The good guy is there when you need him.  He is your best friend, and he’s good at being one.  If you’re going through a crisis, he will come running to help and support you.  He may now shower you with roses from the florist every day, but he shows his love in the text after lunch asking how your day’s going, or the little love note on the fridge when you get home.  Best of all, he does this because he genuinely wants to make things easier for you – not just to score brownie points.

So ladies, why settle for the rocky relationship with the bad boy which you know won’t last? Bad boys may be adventurous and live a fast life, but chances are he’s not for keeps.  After they’ve got their fill of the bad guys, most women end up wanting to spend the rest of their lives with the good guys.

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