Top 5 Best Beaches to Visit on Your Vacation in the U.S.

We’re willing to bet there are very few people out there who don’t enjoy going to the beach.  You just have to make sure when you’re choosing your family’s destination that you’re picking a place that’s family friendly, beautiful and full of activities for every member of your clan. Your travel agent will be able to best guide you to the best beaches in your area.

Here are some great choices that your family is guaranteed to love.

Clearwater Beach, FL

Clearwater Beach in Florida is an attractive expanse of white sand and sparkling water for the whole family to enjoy.  The water is relatively shallow and warm, and there are plenty of lifeguards looking out for the safety of visitors.  You can even rent a large umbrella and sunchairs so if you find yourself getting a little too sunburned, so you can still enjoy the sand and views in the shade.

York Beach, ME

York Beach, Maine is our next family spot.  There are carnival rides, arcades and even bowling.  And of course, there’s the beach!  This is more for families who are looking to have a bit of fun and stay busy rather than than lounging around.

Coronado, CA

The next time you’re considering going to the shore, consider Coronado, California.  This destination is perfect for swimming, surfing and a kiddie #1 favorite – boogie boarding!  There’s always something going on, whether it’s sandcastle building, or whale watching.  You can even visit the historic Coronado Del Hotel that sits right on the water.  Around the holiday season, they even have ice skating right next to the sand!

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Hilton Head, SC

Now we’re traveling back east to Hilton Head, South Carolina.  This beautiful beach vacation spot is always full of families having a good time.  You can see dolphins bobbing out of the water, and there’s golfing and tennis for the athletes in the family.

Vero Beach, FL

Lastly, we travel further south to Vero Beach, Florida.  This spot is great for families and much less expensive than Orlando.  There are pools, free children’s activities and campfires for all to enjoy.

Now it’s time to pack your sunscreen, pick your destination and book an airline to fly you to one of these best beaches in the U.S.!

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