Affordable Beauty Tips to Help You Look Great and Save Cash

Beauty and skin products may be expensive, but are necessary to look radiant and healthy.  Actually, they might not be as necessary as you might think.  The right tips can help you save half of your paycheck and still look great.


One beauty tip for radiant skin is to avoid paying for high-dollar products.  Instead of buying No7 Intensive Moisture Face Mask for $17, make a face mask at home with honey, sugar and salt.  Add some cucumber slices to your eyes and you have a home-made spa treatment.


Another cheap (but valuable) beauty tip is to moisturize your skin daily and use SPF.  This will allow you to stop paying money for anti-aging creams and serums.


A final beauty tip here is to drink eight glasses of of water each day to keep your skin clear.


If you want to save money on your nails, one beauty tip is to take plenty of vitamins (A, B, C, or zinc) to make your natural nails healthier.  You can also apply warm olive oil to soften your cuticles.  Much cheaper than the hot-oil treatment offered at nail salons!


You can save money on hair care, as well.  One beauty tip for hair is to use apple cider vinegar to give it some shine and to condition it, too.  You can also massage your scalp daily for healthier hair, which causes better blood circulation.


For those who want to save money on shaving products, a good razor and an emollient shaving cream will work.  Waxing is also an affordable solution.

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