Does the Kindle Make A Good Gift for an Avid Reader?

When you are looking for the perfect gift for a reader in your life, you may be torn between many different options.  Sure, you may know that they love to read, but how do you know what is already on their bookshelf and what they have already read?  Let’s look at the Kindle e-reader from Amazon and whether it might be the right choice for your gift this year.

The Kindle is a pretty unique piece of technology.  It is quite small in design, about the size of a paperback, but much thinner, yet it has the capacity to store thousands of books.  It uses a great technology that makes pages easy to read, and you will find that books can be easily downloaded right from using the built in Wi-Fi feature.  Some Kindle models even offer 3G technology.

If you are shopping for an avid reader, the Kindle can be a great choice.  There are hundreds of thousands of books to choose from, including the latest and greatest bestsellers.  There are many eReaders on the market, but the Kindle is among the best.  Those who frequent Barnes and Noble may prefer the Nook, which allows them to read anything for free while inside the store, but for many people, the Kindle is absolutely perfect. 

If you are stuck trying to figure out which books that special someone wants to read most, consider picking up a Kindle, which will allow them to download and read as many books as they like without having to make room for them at home on their bookshelf.

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