6 Tips To Follow When Planning A Senior Cruise Vacation

The holiday season is here, and it’s the perfect time to plan a vacation with friends and family. While some prefer taking the air route to their dream destinations, others love exploring the ocean. The latter is especially suitable for seniors wanting to relax and enjoy a luxurious experience. So, if you’re looking to board one of the senior cruises with your elderly parents, here are six tips to make your tour more comfortable.

Book in advance
Booking in advance will ensure you get a confirmed room or as many rooms as you want. This is particularly great for large families embarking on a voyage on senior cruises. You can even get yourself adjoining rooms so that you can look after your elderly parents. But study the cruise plans and decide where you want your rooms to be. Early booking will save you from being placed in the leftover spaces distributed across the ship.

Don’t shy away from priority boarding
Most cruise lines, including senior cruises, offer early or priority boarding and disembarking for people with special needs. This service is particularly beneficial for senior citizens or those with memory issues as they can skip the line at ports of call the ship visits. To avail of priority boarding for your loved ones, you’ll have to let the cruise authorities know about your requirements at the time of booking. In most cases, one’s boarding pass will be stamped “Priority” as a confirmation.

Plan your meals well
If you or the elders in your family aren’t too comfortable dining with the crowds, you can request a quieter table. Also, it’s best for families dining together to take the same route to the dining hall each day. This will help the senior citizens remember it and not be confused. Senior cruise lines also offer the option of dining early for elderly guests. If necessary, you can also avail of room service and make dining easier, especially on tiring days when you’ve had too much fun.

Select suitable activities
Before booking your tickets, it’s best to discuss with your elderly parents the type of vacation you’re planning. This will help choose the experience, activities, and destination that all will enjoy. It will also make it easier to select a cruise based on their offerings. All cruise lines, including senior cruises, offer different activities like wine tasting, bingo, other board games, social events, dance classes, etc. Planning will allow you to convene with the cruise line and determine if these activities are suitable for you. It also gives you a chance to plan group activities with the whole family and avoid last-minute arguments about other plans.

Carry necessary medications
This is one of the critical things when embarking on a journey, senior cruises or otherwise. Check and pack all the necessary medicines and ensure you’re carrying sufficient quantities. Also, don’t forget to carry basic medications like those for a headache or a stomach upset. Moreover, carrying prescriptions may come in handy if you or an elderly member experiences some difficulty. If it’s something serious, an earlier prescription will help the medical practitioner on board understand the problem better and medicate accordingly.

Use a tracking device
Tracking devices might not be necessary for every senior citizen but might be life-saving for some. It will help families keep an eye on their seniors while vacationing. It’s vital, especially for people with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or sometimes even arthritis, as it alerts the family or caretakers of their location on the senior cruises. Famous cruise lines offer GPS tracking devices while onboarding owing to the size of their vessels. This helps seniors find some independence during their vacation and their families some peace of mind.

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