10 Fast, Easy Ways to Make Extra Cash in Your Free Time

Most people would like to have a little bit more cash on hand and sometimes they need to have that money fast.  While the following tips aren’t going to have you rolling in dough overnight, you should be able to find some reliable ways to make money when you need it.


10 Tips to Make Extra Cash


1. Take a Part Time Job to Supplement Your Income. 


Some agencies specialize in day labor, which means that you will be paid the end of each day.  When you only need to have a little bit of fast cash in your hand overnight, something like this can work out well for you.  You can find some jobs online and in the ‘Help Wanted’ ads.  Many times, it is manual labor, but the employers will be able to pay the same day that you work.


2. Sell Something Online.


You can use sites such as Craigslist and eBay to sell items that you no longer need.  Make sure that you make it clear how much you are selling the item for, but be willing to negotiate with the buyer.  Adding a picture to your listing greatly increases the chance that the item will sell.


3. Have a Garage Sale. 


This differs from selling online, but you can drive traffic to your sale using online sites to let people in the area know about the sale and the items you are offering.  Craigslist is the best for this.


4. Donate plasma or blood. 


Many of the places that take these fluids offer some form of compensation – double check this before you book your appointment.  Of course, you have to make sure that you are in good health in order to do this, and you will be declined if you drink heavily, do drugs, are sick or if you are anemic.  You can generally donate blood up to two times per week.


5. Try a Street Performance.


Rather than panhandling and asking for money if you’re completely broke, you can sit outside and play guitar, draw caricatures or sing.  Make sure you are doing this in an area where it is legal.  You might be surprised at how much you are able to make in tips, especially in ‘touristy’ areas.


6. Go Green and Recycle For Cash. 


You can start with the cans and bottles that you have in your own home, and then go around the neighborhood and collect more.  Aluminum cans generally pay more than bottles.


7. Consider Writing Articles for Online Sites. 


Some of the sites pay per view and others pay per article.  If you are prolific, you can make money this month and in future months.


8. Sell Arts and Crafts. 


Some people have hobbies that are conducive to starting their own business.  You can sell handmade greeting cards, t-shirts, soap and jewelry.  This is most effective if you already have inventory ready to sell.  Just hire a stall at your local Farmer’s Market or at events like flea markets, swap meets and street fairs.


9. Offer Advertisement Services.  


Advertise businesses on your vehicle, your clothing and more.  Some companies offer weekly payment for bumper sticker advertising or even full-car ad wraps.


10. Try Your Luck in the Sweepstakes. 


Enter a few free sweepstakes just to see what happens.  After all, somebody has to win!


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