Best Online Trading Options to Choose from

Online trading has become immensely popular in past few years and major companies have their presence in online trading. It is, therefore, an appropriate time to review online stockbrokers who have been in the business in the country and are perhaps the best online trading partners for anyone willing to enter this market.

TD Ameritrade

This is rated among the best online trading partners and has been ranked as number one online broker for 2017. The broking firm charges around $6.95 per trade and offers numerous trading tools through its web-based trade platforms. It also offers Online Trading options for multiple other categories including Education, research and customer services among a host of other categories. TD Ameritrade offers free trading for 90 days and the trading partners are likely to get around $600 off.


Fidelity investment is another among the best online trading partners in the country. This firm charges around $4.95 per trade for any kind of online trading. It also received 4.5 out of 5 stars in reviews for the year 2017, which make it the best online trading options. It is known for its order of execution, ease of use and research instincts.

The investment advisor services of Fidelity are available at around 180 retail locations throughout the country and you consult these before you make any kind of online trading investments.

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab is known to charge around $4.95 per trade and is considered among the best online trading partners in the country. It is known for conducting extensive research on the market before offering any kind of advice to investors who make online trading investments with them. They also offer consistent customer support and industry market reports to investors which help them in developing a fair understanding of the market.


E-Trade charges around $6.95 for stock trades and can be considered among the best online trading partners when it comes to making investments with help of mobile app-based applications. It offers all-around access to quality research, trade tools, and education related investments.

Merrill Edge

When you decide to do Online Trading with Merrill Edge, the investment in a new account will give you a rebate of around $600 and Merrill Edge is known to charge about $6.95 per trade. Its parent company is Bank of America which makes Merrill Edge rank among the best online trading when it comes to making online investments. It is also known to offer bonus rewards on credit cards and discounted mortgage rates.


This brokerage firm offers around $4.95 flat fees for stock trade and has also been awarded as number 1 web-based portal for Online Trading.


This is another among the best online trading options in the country and has been awarded as best platform technology options in the last four years. This online trading platform has multiple tools and functionality options for an avid investor. It charges around $5 for stock trade and users can code the app as per their imminent requirement through the usage of brokers easy language programming language too.

Ally Invest

All Invest charges around $4.95 for stock trade and is among top choices for those seeking to invest in online trading options. Users can easily manage brokerage and banking accounts in Ally Invest through use of single login which makes it popular indeed.

Capital One Investing

Capital One Investing is known for its automatic investment planning options and has easy to use web platform which makes online trading easy even for the first-time investor. It charges around $6.95 per trade and has active customer support which makes it another popular online trading firm.

Choosing the best option

An investor can always get confused when it comes to picking up the best option for making an online investment. The following points when kept in mind help the trader prioritize their options and come up with the best choice possible.

Trading costs

When it comes to trading stocks online, it is imperative to understand the costs associated with buying or selling the orders. Most of the online brokerage firms charge a flat fee to buy or sell. Keep the fee aspect in mind when you make any such investment.

Trading tools

People have the misconception that low trading costs are the best. This is however not true and having access to fully featured web or desktop based trading platform can make all the difference, especially when it comes to conducting any kind of technical analysis.

Mobile trading

In today’s busy world, mobile trading is a viable tool in the hand of an investor. Almost all trading firms offer mobile applications but the functionality can always vary. Keep in mind your imminent requirement while picking up the trading partner and choose the one which has a mobile application pertinent to your need.

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