How to Make Money From Local Yard Sales Using eBay

Have you ever wondered how you could generate more money without leaving your home to work a second job?  Do you have an eye for bargains or enjoy spending your time and money at garage sales? 


If so, then selling used goods on eBay might be a great option for you.  While most online ads asking you to sell their products on eBay are scams, you might be surprised what your local garage sale or thrift store finds can do for you.


When looking to get started selling on eBay, remember to take eBay and PayPal fees into mind when deciding what to sell.  Ebay listings each cost a few dollars, but in some categories you can be charged a percentage of the final sale price, so always do your research before listing a big ticket item.


On eBay, vintage video games and systems are big sellers, as well as Star Wars and sports collectibles.  Vintage items as a whole tend to do well, as do collectible toys, music and sports memorabilia, designer clothes and handbags, and even tools.  There are plenty of markets out there, and you will find plenty that you can tap into and make money.


If you happen to have a web capable phone, you are already a step ahead of the game.  Simply bring the phone along whenever you visit a yard sale and perform a search on anything that you think might be of value.  You never know when something in a free box or ten cent bin might be worth big money. 


Making money can be easy when you learn how to sell on eBay, and with these tips you might just be able to make a few really big finds this year.

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