Tourists in Louisiana and Florida | Business News for Travelers

Right now, some of the biggest interest in travel business news is coming from the area affected – or supposedly affected – by this spring’s oil spill. As tar balls washed up on beaches during the summer, many families who would otherwise have traveled to Florida and Louisiana, among other areas, opted against it. What has this done to the travel industry in these areas, and what is it doing now? Business news from the travel industry addresses it.

Currently, BP is still making restitution for the terrible oil spill problem. Business news reports that the company will spend millions of dollars cleaning up the damage. They’ll also hand money out to people whose jobs were affected by the spill. This includes hundreds of workers in the travel industry. According to recent business news reports, workers who lost income due to the spill will be recompensed. This is important in an already suffering economy.

Business news reports show that the industry suffered most along beaches. During the clean up process, much of the oil was burned off of the ocean’s surface. This left smoke and a terrible smell wafting toward some of the beaches on the western side of Florida, and business news reports show that this is severely affecting tourism. Also, some tar balls washed up on beaches along the Florida coast. Although the major oil slick that some expected never reached tourist areas, business news reports say that tourism was down in these areas.

What this means for the future, the best business news forecast can’t say. For the most part, the hysteria about the oil spill seems to have died down in the tourist industry. Although business news reports show that environmentalists still have a lot of cleanup to do, those who are just traveling to the area for fun don’t need to worry about their trip being ruined by oil.

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