Unemployed? How to Make Your Own Money Using Your Talents

If the current recession has affected you, you’re not alone. There are sixteen million other people in your shoes. The unemployed population includes a diverse mix of people, and no one is immune. If you need to get started making money right away without a job, here are several options.

One of the most successful websites for entrepreneurs or the formerly unemployed is www.etsy.com. According to an MSN article, one woman has sold more than eight hundred tote bags in just twenty months, which she sells for up to forty-nine dollars a piece. She can hardly keep up with the orders for her hand-made hobo and messenger bags. Do you have a skill that you’ve long forgotten about? Working at any craft is better than thinking about being unemployed. Etsy lets you sell anything from accessories to needlecraft items to stationery.

If you have a fast Internet connection and great customer service skills, www.alpineaccess.com is hiring adults to work from home and take calls on telephone headsets. You do have to be a self-starter to handle this kind of work from home scenario, but when you’re unemployed and that rent bill arrives, you’ll find you can get motivated to do almost any line of work. If you’ve previously worked in a bank setting or worked with billing customers before, you may be just the person the company is looking for.

You may also want to consider posting your skills on www.craigslist.org. Craigslist is a free way to advertise your talents in a certain category. Everyone from attorneys to motorcycle repairers list their skills and prices on this website. If you don’t think you have a valuable skill, think again. Some unemployed builders are now making money doing a plethora of tasks that owners don’t want to do, including caulking, tiling and minor home repair such as putting up shelves.

Be unemployed no more – put your talents to good use today.

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