Five Vitamin Packed Foods for Children to Prevent the Common Cold

When you have kids, it is your priority to always ensure that they are as healthy and happy as possible.  There is little doubt that you always try to do what is best for them, including offering nutritious meals, but if you’re busy or in a rush with winter projects it can be hard to constantly come up with nutritious foods for them.  Today, we will look at five great foods which include ample vitamins, to shore up your little one’s immune system and even help to prevent the common cold.


Chicken Soup
This family favorite has long been offered whenever someone develops a cold, and with good reason.  It is packed with vitamins and minerals and it tastes great.  The broth is good at restoring electrolytes and re-hydrating your child if he or she is already sick.


Fruits and Veggies
Whenever you want your kids to get the most vitamins possible from a food, consider adding veggie sticks or fruit slices to their lunch and dinner.  Pop them in a freezer bag and keep them in the fridge for an easily-grabbed treat.  They make great snacks and provide the vitamins needed to help keep the common cold at bay.


Pasta and Marinara
Making spaghetti or whatever form of pasta your children prefer can be a great way to boost their health.  After all, marinara sauce is packed with tomatoes, which offer vitamins such as C and K as well as antioxidants.  The pasta offers carbs, which provide much needed energy, and fiber. Use wholewheat (brown) pasta for the biggest health boost.


Spicy Foods
Depending on your child’s tastes, spicy foods made with healthy ingredients can be beneficial in fighting colds.  Spices get the blood pumping more efficiently, and when spices are added to foods such as tacos, the veggies and meats included will provide much needed vitamins and minerals.  Let your child try curry if they have not tried it before and you might spark a newfound interest in different foods. A simple vegetable Korma is a great introduction – Korma is the mildest kind of curry, made with vegetables, mild spices, almonds, coconut, and a light cream base. Delicious with warm bread and rice.


Even simple yogurt can be a great way to offer the vitamins kids need to help prevent the common cold.  Fruit and yogurt combinations offer numerous vitamins as well as antioxidants and even probiotics for the most possible health benefit. Foods containing vitamin C are great for staving off colds, and these foods are packed with it.

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