How To Make Great Tasting Fish Tacos at Home

Are you looking for a great winter meal option to add to your family’s menu?  If so, then fish tacos are a great way to introduce fish to your dinner table with some familiar flavors.  This is a great choice for both seasoned fish lovers and those who are a bit iffy about eating the bounty of the sea.


First, you need to buy your fish – invest in something nice like red snapper.  You should have about three pounds of it.  You also need five limes, a cup of mayo, a pinch of cane sugar and enough tortillas for your meal.  You will also need regular olive oil, salt and pepper, three cups of shredded red cabbage, two cups of pico de gallo and somewhere to grill the fish.


Now, the first step is to prepare your fish.  In a large bowl, cut three limes in half and squeeze them over the fish.  Let the fish sit in your fridge for an hour.  In a separate bowl, combine the mayonnaise with the remaining lime juice and the sugar.  Warm your tortillas in the oven while your fish is cooking.  Pat dry the fish and then season it with salt and pepper to taste.


Liberally brush the fish with your olive oil on both sides and then place on the grill.  Cook your fish until it flakes easily and there is no pink in it.  Shred your fish with two forks and place it on a cutting board. Add the shredded fish to your tortillas and top with the cabbage, mayo sauce and pico de gallo, and enjoy!

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