The Lowdown on Sardi’s Restaurant in New York City

Whether you will be traveling to New York City, or you have lived there all of your life, finding the right restaurant options is important.  While the city is certainly full of an incredible diversity of eateries, Sardi’s might just be the best option for you.  Located in the city’s Theater District, Sardi’s offers some delightful dining for the whole family.




Sardi’s Restaurant originated in 1927, and has been a favorite of native New Yorkers for decades.  The restaurant is known for the celebrity caricatures that hang on its walls, as well as for being the birthplace of the Tony Award.  In fact, the restaurant was used as the venue for the Tony Awards for years.


Events and Films


Today, in addition to being a restaurant, Sardi’s is the location for many different events, including the Outer Critics Circle Awards, as well as press conferences.  The restaurant has also been showcased in a number of different films, including “The Country Girl,” “Critic’s Choice,” “The Muppets Take Manhattan” and “The Producers.”


Currently, Sardi’s remains a landmark in the Broadway environment of the city.  It still plays host to opening night celebrations for productions in the city, though its popularity has waned somewhat from what it once was in its heyday. 




If you’re dining at Sardi’s, you should not expect to find Italian food, though it’s the family’s heritage.  Instead, you’ll enjoy Continental cuisine, with a definite English flavor.  If you’re be making a trip to NYC, then a visit to Sardi’s is certainly one of the prerequisites for those who enjoy the theater scene.

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