Why is Street Food Illegal in Atlanta?

Trying the local cuisine is a big part of any travel experience.  Nobody goes to New Orleans without trying gumbo and beignets, and nobody goes to New York without eating cheesecake.  If you are traveling to Atlanta, Georgia, finding the best street food is part of the experience.  Let’s look at the top options Atlanta has to offer.

For great hot dogs, head on over to midtown, where you can find the Dogs on Wheels mobile hot dog parlor.  With incredible dogs made quick and cheap, this is a popular choice for Atlanta residents and visitors alike, and the charbroiling that prepares the dogs is simply outstanding.

If you are looking ethnic cuisine, try Sheik Burritos.  This street food vendor offers a variety of cuisines including some of the best kabobs and burritos in the city.  The meals are incredibly affordable, and if you want some of the best food in the city, check them out at 1877 Piedmont Road.

Of course, because street food is illegal in Atlanta, it can be hard to find great options.  Most “street food” vendors in Atlanta actually offer mobile catering companies and only make appearances at regularly scheduled dates.  With that said, however, there are many working hard to change the laws.  In the meantime, if you happen to be in the area  when one of these or any of the other great mobile catering companies happens along, you simply have to check them out. 

Atlanta is a city with much to offer, and the chance to try some real authentic street food is an opportunity not to be missed if it happens to come along.

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