How To Be a Good Wing Man

The modern dating scene is a battlefield.  You see a guy or a girl you seem to like, but chances are that there is another person eying your prize. So what do you do?  The answer is to get all the help you can muster.  This is why men always come in a potential dating scene armed with a wing man.  


A wing man is friend or a sidekick who goes out with you when you are on the lookout for a potential date.  A wing man is a valuable asset, and if you choose the right one, you can count on having the phone number of your desired date before the evening ends. 


Being a wing man is not for everyone though, so if you want to become a wing man for someone else, you have to have the following characteristics…


Wing Man Trait #1

He knows the goal and works to achieve it.  The goal is for you, the pointman, to get the girl.  A good wing man knows your taste, and what type of woman you will like the best, and he knows how to spot her in a crowd.  A good wing man will help you approach this girl without being obvious or cheesy about it, and he will just let you do your magic with no distractions or ego.  A wing man even acts as an automatic ‘fourth wheel’ if the girl you’re eying also comes with her own company.

Wing Man Trait #2

He boosts your confidence.  As a wing man, he is also ready to back you up if the target insults you, rebuffs you, or gets offended by his attention.  Most women understands the wing man-pointman set up too, and may even play you at your own game by playing hard to get or attempting to distract you with her own ‘wing-woman!’  In this event, the pointman may become discouraged and can think the woman is uninterested.  It is the wing man’s duty to encourage the pointman to keep his eye on the prize.

Wing Man Trait #3

He takes care of prospective competition.  A good wing man should be ready to distract other guys that could be approaching the same girl.  These are your opposition.  Remember, you have to give the main man time alone with the girl ,and deflect all other competition.  As a wing man, you are expected to have moves and tactics for your pointman until the evening is over and your pointman and her lady prospect seal a deal by booking a date.


Wing Man Trait #4

He has no fear of embarrassment.  Anything can happen on a date, so the wing man must know how to read the pointman’s signals, and knows how to jump in when an embarrassing event happens.  If he’s really good, he’ll prevent a monumental goof before it even happens. Sometimes, it’s the job of the wing man to look like the foolish one just to make your pointman look good.  Don’t worry though, just remember that the night isn’t about you.  Just as long as you keep the ladies entertained and make your pointman look good, you are doing your job well.

To be a good wing man takes some time to get used to and some practice.  It takes smart moves to watch your pointman’s back, while boosting his confidence simultaneously.  Just think of how grateful your buddy is going to be if his night turns out to be good because of your help.  You can ask for a similar favor on your boy’s next night out, by asking to be the pointman instead.  Hopefully, you’ll win your own date too. 

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