How to Get the Best Concert Seats at a Music Venue

Few things in life are more frustrating than buying tickets to see your favorite band, only to find out when you get to the concert venue that you are half a mile away, behind a pillar and facing backwards.  While that might be an exaggeration, some paid seats just aren’t very good, and if you always happen to get those rotten seats, it can be disheartening and it can ruin your mood before the show even starts. 


If you are tired of getting less than stellar tickets, you will want to read on and find out some ways that you can up your chances of getting a better view.


Tips to Get the Best Concert Seats in the House

The easiest way to buy concert tickets today is online, and that might be the first place that you check.  When you find out your favorite band is coming to town, write down the day and time that the tickets go on sale and put it on a calendar.

Set up an alert on your phone to remind you at least an hour before they go on sale.  You will want to be on the site and ready to purchase as soon as the online gates open.  Have your credit card information on hand, and a back up card if there are complications with your first card.  If you can, have friends who are also going try to get seats as well; whoever gets the best seats can notify everyone else attempting to purchase them.

You don’t want to delay by even a minute.  Remember, thousands of other people are vying for these tickets, as well.  Buying early will often result in better concert seats simply because you got the jump on everyone else.  However, some sites don’t give you the option of choosing where you seat is going to be.  In this case, you are going to want to use the telephone or even go to the seller in person.

One of the benefits of buying in person through one of the large ticket sellers is that they will often present you with a number of choices and they can show you the layout of the venue.  While online sites have the venue layouts as well, having an actual person explaining it to you can sometimes be easier.

Prepare yourself to wait on hold or stand in line to get the tickets.  Bring along some water and a snack if you believe the line for the concert seats is going to be exceptionally long.  With superstar performers, the tickets are going to go fast – sometimes, a stadium can sell out within minutes.  Again, buying online and buying early might be your best choice if you really want to have the best concert seats possible.

Price Does Matter

For most shows, whether you are seeing a rock band or an orchestra, price is going to dictate the quality of the concert seats you get.  To buy the best seats available, you are going to have to pay more than you will if you are up in the balconies or at the rear of the venue. 


If price isn’t an option, buying early and talking with an operator will help to make sure that you have the best seats available.  Save a little extra money to make sure that you will be able to afford the better seats.

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