How to Have a Romantic Night You’ll Never Forget

Whether you’re just starting a new relationship, or you’ve been married for years, giving your loved one a romantic night every now and then can do wonders for your relationship. Just as a wheel needs oil to keep it turning, a touch of romance keeps your relationship running smoothly. Here are some tips to inspire you.

If you’re enjoying the first flush of love, congratulations! Your every night together is an adventure and the memories you make now could last a lifetime. So make some good ones. Surprise your new love with a romantic night which is out of the ordinary – pick them up from work and take them somewhere unusual that neither of you would ever normally go – a short night ocean cruise if you live near the ocean, a starlight horseback ride if you live in the country, or a meal out at an Italian restaurant you’ve both always wanted to try.

If you’ve been dating for a while, you’ll know by now what your loved one considers a treat. Indulge him or her with a surprise romantic night out (or in!) that caters to their own personal tastes. Try transforming your bathroom into a day spa with new plush towels, lighted candles and fragrant oils. Then dim the lights, put on your favorite music and give your partner an hour-long back rub. Or rent a ‘romantic night’ movie and make your own ‘buffet’ table of wine, cheese, grapes and cold meat. Lay the buffet out on your coffee table, light some candles and enjoy! 

Stuck in a rut? If you’ve been married for years, romance may be the last thing on your mind. You’ve got bills to pay, the car to fix, the kids to feed… whoa, slow down! What about taking time out for yourselves? Don’t you think you’ve both earned it? Make a list of the things you used to enjoy doing together when you were first dating. Whether that’s a midnight bike ride, a picnic under the open stars or a long hot shower together, invest time in getting to know your partner again and make your romantic night one to remember. Block out one romantic night a month to spend entirely with your partner. Pack the kids off to the babysitter, lock the doors and switch off your phones. You’re worth it!

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