How to Make a Lover’s Coupon Book For Him

It’s hard to buy a romantic gift for a guy. Rather than getting the special man in your life another tie or another bottle of cologne for your anniversary or other special occasion, make him a lover’s coupon book.


In this lover’s coupon book, give him a coupon for things that he’ll enjoy. These treats can be anything from a back rub, to a delicious dinner (cooked by you, of course!), or a night out with his best friends, guilt-free.


The first thing you should do when you’re making the book is use different colors of construction paper from the craft store, and cut them into squares of equal size. Punch three evenly spaced holes in each page and then thread thick yarn through the holes. This will hold your coupon book together.


On each piece of paper, use your best handwriting to write what each coupon represents. You can add stickers, glitter, photos, or anything else to your coupon book to make it special.


If your craft skills aren’t the best, you can use your computer to make the coupons. Print them out on glossy printer paper and use a hole puncher to make evenly spaced holes. Thread the yard or string through the holes, so the pages stay together.


Whether you make the coupon book by hand or with your computer, make sure you choose those special gifts you know he’ll enjoy. This will make the gift giving experience more meaningful for you both, and he’ll appreciate that you made something that couldn’t be bought at the mall.

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