Ideas for Toys or Games That Require No Batteries
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Along with advances in technology come more expensive toys.  The fact is that most people day are on a tight budget, and buying battery-operated toys can really take a toll on your finances.  Finding toys that don’t require batteries can not only save you money, but also encourage your child to use their imagination more.  Video games, gadgets and other expensive toys that require batteries are often not the best way for your child to spend their time.

Some of the best toys on the market today are those that have been around for decades.  Classic toys tend to be very cheap, can be fun for the whole family and encourage a sense of togetherness that some of the tech gadgets avoid. 


For instance, Scrabble, the word-based board game that has been around for many decades, is still popular today.  This game can be bought at any toy store and encourages literary development and better spelling.

Another popular board game, which is fun for the whole family, is chess.  Playing a game of chess is a great way to pass the time and it’s another challenging game that will develop your child’s mind. 


When it’s time for a little outdoor enjoyment, bicycling or flying kites can be great options.  Both are relatively inexpensive ways to enjoy being outside while avoiding toys that require batteries.

Lego, which has captivated the attention of children for many years, are still a favorite toy today.  By using their imagination, kids can create elaborate structures with these building blocks.  This battery-free toy provides hours of healthy entertainment.

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