The Most Attractive Female Athletes in the U.S.

People usually watch sports for the excitement and the thrill of the game, but the conditioning of each athlete also means that they have attractive physiques… which is a significant draw to male spectators! 


The United States has a number of beautiful women participating in sports at the highest level who are sponsored by every name-brand athletic supply store (who are well aware of the effect on sales of a pretty, um, face.)  Deciding which female athlete is the hottest is a matter of taste, but the following are some of the most attractive in sports today.


Danica Patrick


One female athlete who captured the attention of racing fans around the world is NASCAR driver Danica Patrick.  The brunette is petite and shapely, but she can hold her own on the racecourse with any of the male drivers out there.  Back off though – she’s married.


Jennie Finch


In the world of the Olympics, an athlete that is worth watching for her pitching talent, as well as her beauty, is Jennie Finch.  She has already struck out 1,028 batters, and looked classy while doing it. 


Amanda Beard


Another Olympic athlete considered one of the hottest female athletes by many people is Amanda Beard.  She is an excellent swimmer with seven Olympic medals, and has proudly swum her way across plenty of magazine pages. 

Lindsey Vonn


Skier Lindsey Vonn is another athlete worth mentioning.  The blond beauty has 33 World Cup wins, Olympic gold and two World Championship gold medals.  Bad news though guys, this knockout athlete is also married.


Natalie Gulbis


Natalie Gulbis is a female athlete that can actually make golf fun to watch.  The beautiful blond won her first tournament at the age of seven.


Mia St. John


Mia St. John is a Mexican-American female boxer that can knock you out with her fists, or her beauty!  Boxing isn’t her only specialty though, she’s also a Tae Kwon Do champion and has a heart of gold with her charity work.

These women are just a few of the female sports stars that you might want to keep your eyes on.  They are a treat to watch because they are at the top of their individual sports, but they are also some of the most beautiful women in the world.

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