The Most Popular Celebrity Endorsed Liquors

Have you ever fantasized about a high-profile celebrity buying you a drink?  Even if you can’t stalk your favorite celebrities in person, you can enjoy a bottle of hard liquor that the stars recommend.  Enter celebrity endorsed liquor!




For starters, let’s talk about Dan Aykroyd.  Certainly, this Blues Brother knows a thing or two about liquor.  Check out his Crystal Head Vodka brand, with its crystal skull logo. 




If you want the hard strings of rock, and the hard kick of tequila, then sample Cabo Wabo Tequila liquor courtesy of Sammy Hagar. 




If you want a more classy experience to go along with your rap music shakedown, then try Ludacris’ brand of Conjure Cognac.  Ludacris actually went to France and learned the fine art of cognac making to make sure he was keeping his liquor “real.”




Who can blame you if you just want to relax and listen to a bit of country music?  You can’t go wrong with country tunes and whiskey liquor, courtesy of forever high Willie Nelson and his brand of Old Whiskey River Bourbon. 




If you hate country music, then try moshing to the beats of Marilyn Manson and his Mansinthe liquor label, which is absinthe with even more attitude than the star himself. 




Flavor Flav is usually not the image you want when you’re gulping down liquor (or anything), but his brand of Le Flav Spirits is making a name for itself, as is Mister Danny DeVito’s Premium Limoncello. 



If you really want to hit the bottom of the liquor barrel, than go with Trump Vodka by you know who.  It probably tastes better going down than Ron Jeremy’s Ron De Jeremy rum liquor, which is coming soon to a liquor store near you!

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