The Story of Lil Wayne and Young Money Entertainment

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., born in New Orleans, Louisiana, has another moniker by which he is better known: Lil Wayne. The rapper went from obscurity to entertainment superstar in the span of a few years, and he continues to put out hit after hit. In 2003, he founded Young Money Entertainment.

Young Money Entertainment is an imprint of Cash Money Records. Universal distributes the releases of the artists who are part of Young Money Entertainment. One of the most popular artists on the label other than Lil Wayne is Drake. His involvement in entertainment goes beyond music – he played a character named Jimmy Brooks on the TV show Degrassi.

In 2007, Lil Wayne stepped down as president of Young Money Entertainment and handed the job to Cortez Bryant. In 2009, Mack Maine took over as president. While Lil Wayne is not involved with the company as their president any longer, he is still a part of the label and he still has input into their affairs.

The Young Money Entertainment label has been very successful, and this year the label has scaled new heights. In fact, they had four out of the top ten highest sales in hip hop albums. One of those top selling albums was Rebirth by Lil Wayne himself. Another artist, Young Money, had a top selling album, and Drake saw two top selling albums.

With the entertainment talent that the label has, and the great minds for entertainment that are behind the label, they seem to be bound for even more success in the future.

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