Top Celebrity Couples Who Are Making Marriage Work

Everyone knows that celebrity couples have a hard time making a marriage last.  Constantly being in the spotlight can take its toll on any relationship, causing most celebrities to end their marriages rather early on.  However, it’s certainly not impossible to make it work – many celebrities have a strong marriage that has stood the test of time.


For instance, Blake Edwards and Julie Andrews have been together since 1969 and seem to be making their marriage work.  With a large family, including two adopted children and children from previous relationships, the couple have made it work in spite of busy careers. 


Another couple that have been making it work since the 60s are Bill Cosby and his wife, Camille Hanks.  They prove that even fame and family tragedy don’t have to put an end to your marriage, even when every event in your life is examined under the media spotlight.


Comedian and actor Billy Crystal and his wife Janice represent another happy celebrity marriage that has really lasted.  Married since 1970, they were together before Billy became famous and still make it work today. 


Meryl Streep and husband Don Gummer have also made it work since the 70s, marrying in 1978 and still keeping their marriage strong, through thick and thin. 


Superstar Denzel Washington has been married to wife Paulette since 1983.  With four children, the family remains strong in spite of Denzel’s “Sexiest Man Alive” status many times over the years. 


Many couples prove it can work in spite of the chaos of celebrity status and the never ending drama of movie box office success or failure.  If a marriage is strong, it will endure it all and there are so many celebrity couples out there that prove it.

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